National Museum of Ancient Art

Another less-visited museum ( away from the Sunday crowd)…..intricately carved furniture: storage chests, china cabinets, writing tables, beds, tables….beautiful porcelain china (for when the Royal in-laws visit:)..and on and on….. and a wonderful art collection.

Whew! Stayed there for 2 hours…


..a magical town, filled with castles, fortresses, regal palace with gardens and caves….

….old trees, flowers, and overlooks as you stroll along cobblestone sidewalks…

We only got as far as Quinta de la Regaleira…a world heritage UNESCO site.

….planning to go back in a few days (after we rest our feet:)

Welcome to Lisbon

First impressions: busier and more city-ish than expected, very spread out, walking involves VERY steep streets..whew!

Our apartment (airbnb) is located close to the most scenic overlook/viewpoint in Lisbon; as such, it’s a looooong way up on cobblestone street….quiet neighborhood, old-world feel.

Taxis and Uber will be our friends:)

Pictures of greeting the day from our porch; scenes throughout the neighborhoods, taken during 2 hour walking tour; sunset during happy hour on our balcony.

Prehistoric town of Akrotiri (Santorini)

..fascinating buried town, like Pompei, but 2000 years earlier….very advanced people; homes had bathtubs, water pipes, toilets, furniture (a bed built on wood frame, with leather webbing….actually sounds comfy). Archeologists were able to determine various areas for forging, cooking, trading, gathering…even some leftover seeds and pieces of pottery, and stairs This is an active archeological dig, where new discoveries are still being uncovered.